Dr. Qamar's Practice  

Dr. Qamar specializes in children's health issues encompassing sick and well child care.Well child care includes anticipatory guidance, vaccinations,well visits,school,sports,and camp physicals.Dr. Qamar also deals with and treats mental health issues and behavioral disorders.

Care Philosophy
To provide empathic, courteous care to our pediatric patients, involving the family in all aspects of care. Dr. Qamar places strong emphasis on educating families by means of verbal explanations,visual guides, and printed handouts. Dr.Qamar is a strong believer in the judicious use of antibiotics. She firmly believes and advocates preventative medicine including vaccinations. Her area of expertise and special interests is Public Health and Preventative Pediatrics.

Ear Piercing is done by Dr. Qamar in the office. For more information please contact our office 352-369-8690